Throughout the pandemic, people were not allowed to interact with others because there were chances that the virus would spread. The primary concern was old and aged people who could end up sick because the virus had a statistically reduced chance of getting better. Global Governments were implementing changes to protect their people from the Coronavirus, which included not allowing them to leave their homes unless for essential services like medical assistance, groceries, and other essential services.

With the Coronavirus pandemic, people were not allowed to meet one another, and even if they could, they preferred not meeting one another because that would increase the chances of them catching the virus. As a company, we were working on making changes to the processes we were following when we were looking after the old, elderly or people who were sick through technology that would handle all the tests without personal interaction.

With travel significantly halted, people were afraid to visit hospitals, assuming they could catch the Coronavirus, although there were separate units for COVID in sealed-off hospitals. Everyone was on edge, which showed a significantly higher need for Home Health Care due to closures. Additionally, to better control the Coronavirus and its spread, Governments implemented significant restrictions on traveling around the countries and globally, which made moving from one place to another quite challenging. There were some serious business disruptions in the work world, and our company was struggling to keep up with quarantines, curfews, and social distancing, which made the process very difficult. Although the Government had the best intentions at heart, they made it difficult for businesses and companies to keep up. Whenever restrictions were raised, businesses would begin by opening their doors again. However, they would hit the brakes again, which was quite challenging for companies to get through.

We had to make a lot of changes to the work that we were handling. One of the most significant changes we went through was an upgrade in the communication patterns within the company and with our clients. We were no longer as social as we were in the past. We were now contacting and communicating with a lot of people on social media. Additionally, we would have a lot of meetings that we were doing via Zoom. Client meetings and internal meetings were now all on Zoom, which was quite interesting.

We are currently not meeting a lot of people and while we do have an office, we work remotely and alone. We do not meet any of our clients there, and if we have to, we travel to their homes to assist in small ways, if possible. However, we were finding this quite challenging because it was limiting the interpersonal relationship between the people. In the past, pre-pandemic, we had a good relationship with our clients when we were meeting regularly, which was not the case anymore.

We were not worried about the changes we had to make in the office and the rules we had to follow according to the Government mandate because we were not meeting anyone anyway. Additionally, we were cleaning and sanitizing the office often to keep everyone safe. With no others in the office, there was no other contact between anyone in the office, which made the process quite easy to manage and safe.

There were a significant amount of changes that took place to all companies through the COVID pandemic. The initial months were quite challenging, and there were times where we did not have a lot of work coming in. We are now working on the same business hours that we were using in the past so that our clients do not have to rework the timings when they would come to the office to meet us. Additionally, we handle most of our clients online, and the only secure platform we use to communicate with them is Zoom, which boasts of an end to end encryption. Other than Zoom, we also work through the occasional Whatsapp call, which uses the same encryption and features protecting the information of everyone on the call.

We make exceptions and meet our clients in person whenever the opportunity arises, which we do by aligning with Government rules. We always follow the rules and make sure everyone is wearing a mask and maintaining the social distancing guidelines. The last thing we want is for anyone to get sick because of us. 

Furthermore, we are also open to taking part in virtual public events and Business Expos. We noticed the prices of health insurance increased during the COVID pandemic, and we think people should pay attention when paying their health insurance premium or filling out the paperwork.

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